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The watch takes place over a certain period of time, which differs from simple (ad hoc) research.

The BIZZLINE method, thanks to the monitoring of all accessible electronical sources, visible or not, provides you with a personalized selection of relevant information with a strategic dedication.

BIZZLINE is a real service, in agreement with the AFNOR XP X50-053 norm. Human skills intervene in each step : identification of your needs, added-value source research, tool configuration, validation, classification, prospection, distribution. The technology is fully dedicated to this Intelligence.

Keywords for this method : flexibility, exclusivity, customer liberty, user-friendly, adaptation to clients requests, mutualisation, security, confidentiality.

With BIZZLINE, once specifications and setup are established, you access to a pay per ask service, entirely configurated to you personal needs. You only pay the number of services you really need and are free to modify the parameters whenever you wish to.

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