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Case Studies : Webwatch

The extended competitive and technical webwatch. Bizzline's prospect offers, in just a glimpse, a complete preview of pertinent information, no duplicates, and a precise idea of how to use it to adjust the marketing strategy.

Client The French branch of one of the top 5 worldwide cement companies.
Objective Optimizing supply on domestic markets and bordering markets.
Context Having already subscribed to the Infobroking services from classic information agencies, the client believes that reading that type of document takes up too much time and that the given information is not exclusive and often redundant.

Information strategy

After a circumstanced briefing enabling to determine the most precise source from which to find information, Bizzline develops research tactics to execute the information strategy requested by the client.
  1. Definition of active competitors on the affected markets.
  2. Complete information on competitors' movements.
  3. Information relative to stock exchange moves announcing an opportunity or a threat.
  4. Information on any technological, corporate or environmental occurrences.
  5. Prevent misinformation.
Research, the technological factor
  1. Identification of around 100 potential segment information sources by on-line researchers.
  2. Monitoring of these sources by "intelligent agents".
Analysis, the human factor
  1. Specialized journalists sort and validate the information according to its pertinence to the briefing.
  2. Keeping what's essential and getting rid of the accessory (the “noise”) and duplicates.
The product, the content
  1. 2 daily publication sessions of validated information.
  2. An explicit title and 3 lines of summary for each information.
  3. Source name and access to complete information.
  4. Transmittal to client via Bizzline's secure publication tool.
  5. E-mail sent to keep clients informed on broadcasted information.

A monthly meeting enables to evaluate the pertinence of the information and, if necessary, to centralize or enlarge the investigation field.

It takes the client only a few minutes, thanks to Bizzline's prospect, to obtain an extensive preview of the information he is interested in and a clear idea of what can be done with it. No need for him to go through quantities of information from which only a few will be needed.

This objective was evaluated : in average, 50% of the information provided by Bizzline is exclusive, amongst which 60 % are judged interesting or very interesting.

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