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Creation of an index by theme for useful resources and links.

Client Important Belgian export aid institution
Objective Generate traffic on the website in order to turn it into the starting point for exporting companies, position the website as a real import-export Belgian portal.
Context The aim is to help companies by providing them with any information necessary to the exporter. The website already contains a lot of practical information.

Information strategy
  1. Creation of a index including sources useful to the exporter.
  2. Filing system organized by category allowing not only to clearly determine the information universe but at the same time, easy research for visitors.

  1. Creation of an “archive database” of more or less 5 links with comments, validated by category.
  2. On-line access to the index.
5 new links are published every week, turning this “useful links” page into a real knowledge base useful to the exporter.

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