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Case Studies : Ad hoc research

Ad hoc segment research, a real comfort for the investor in his decision making.

Client Belgian investor of mixt economy
Objective Research of past records
Context Frequently solicited by innovating companies w ho wish to benefit from a contribution in capital, the client searches, in the information field, for guarantees on the relevance of “new” products and the status of the market

Data research

  1. Analysis of the “innovative character” definition.
  2. Search for an existing previous similar patent.
  3. Search for an existing identical product, non-warranted.
  4. Commercialization in the past of a similar product worldwide.
  5. Research in every discussion forum for any information allowing to enlighten the market potential of the product.
  6. Short-term webwatch on segment news.
The product, the content
Bizzline carefully collects the results in a complete/concise file, in order to help the investor with his decision making.

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